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The Paragon is Here!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

As you may have noticed, THE 13th PARAGON Part I: SCRAPPER was released!!! Currently it's on an exclusive run on Amazon's Kindle eBook format, and after that expires it will (probably) release wide on other platforms. Somewhere in between, however, SCRAPPER's tasty, tangible print version will also see a release. I know many are waiting for that version, or own a Nook or other non-Kindle device, and I can only ask for a little more patience.

It's an exciting time officially launching my writing career along with the ODYSSIUM series, but it's certainly a learning process figuring out how to reach the masses. Setting up social media hubs such as Goodreads, bolstering my Facebook presence, trying to decipher the hashtag-ridden random letters and url shortcuts that is the Twitter feed, etc. isn't the easiest thing for guy like me, who's about as technologically savvy as a fiddler crab.

As I write this, I'm in the process of battening down the hatches to wrap up editing approvals on Part II, FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES while keeping my fingers crossed for a springtime eBook release. I think I can say with a good deal of confidence that we won't see anything close to the delays that held SCRAPPER back a year, and that it nicely (and explosively, if I do say so myself) wraps up THE 13th PARAGON arc. I have one more release in the pipeline and raring to go, but I'll wait until a future blog to expound further. Until then, I hope everyone who's bought SCRAPPER is enjoying it, and those waiting on other formats, the wait I hope won't be much longer!

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