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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Not to be cliché and all, but welcome to the first official Od-Blog (Odyssium Blog)! First off, thanks very much for taking the time to check things out around here. So this being the introductory blog, it behooves me to let you know a brief bit about myself, and what you can expect in my lonely little corner of the so-called blogosphere. And to carry on with the theme of introductions, for those who don’t know me (which is currently just shy of 100% of the planet, give or take), the mysterious “C” in C.A. stands for Corey. I live in the frostbitten tundra of Minnesota, currently toil away at a full-time job…and tap out fantasy in the 15 minutes that I’m not working or shoveling snow. My BIO/faq page is there to fill you in a little more if you’re morbidly curious.

I’ll be covering a variety of topics, many of which will be “behind the scenes” stuff on writing in general, details on the making of particular books, characters, scenes, etc. Others will be various observations, reviews, get the picture. If you have a question and you haven't found the answer in the FAQ, feel free to contact me on the...erm, CONTACT page, or hit me up on any of my social media links down below. If the question's a new one (and a good one), what they hey, maybe it'll end up on the FAQ or in a blog post of its own.

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