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Being neck-deep in the writing of the as-yet untitled Odyssium Collection Volume 2, I figured it’s about time to pull the curtain back on something else that so far has remained untitled—Eyes of Odyssium’s final installment. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have actually dropped the title. I did an initial print run of Isle of the Sleeping Gods to sell at my 2019 conventions. This short run, I quickly discovered, had a glaring error in the acknowledgements section. So, I made the fix and resubmitted it, but not without replacing the ending line “Salla Saar will return” with something a little more substantial.

That something more substantial is, of course, the title of the final book in the trilogy:

I, for one, love the title and love what it represents in regards to the story. Isle of the Sleeping Gods I saw as Salla’s challenge to physically survive the harrowing events of that book. Girl is a different kind of battle for him altogether:

An explorer savagely murdered. A journalist who vanished without a trace. A series of energy spikes from a seemingly uninhabited range in the heart of an active war zone. These are the breadcrumbs that lead Salla Saar and his spirit hunting Malisguard team to the hidden village of Storyvale. The source of the energy spikes appears to be a woman named Miryn Jal, a gentle sun chasing away the perpetual gloom that shadows the isolated hamlet. But in the presence of such light, there also lurks an undeniable darkness. Something haunts the surrounding woods, killing the Valers one after another in swift, grisly succession. As Salla tries desperately to reconcile the connection—if any—between these two powerful beings from opposite ends of the spectrum, he knows one thing for certain: Miryn must be protected at all costs. If he loses her, all hope for the future vanishes with her.

Once the final cover wrap is delivered, I plan on making The Girl Who Stole the Sun available as soon as possible, despite not having a convention to properly launch it. Regardless, I’ve chosen not to delay it as many other artists in different mediums have done because we need these little escapes now more than ever in recent years. So, Girl is my little contribution, and I hope you’ll love her as much as I do.

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