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Time Out!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I’ll say it one more time—yes, I know I’ve been fairly quiet since the months following the release of THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN last year. So…what gives, one might ask?

Here’s the skinny. 2022 has officially been declared a year “off.” Um…what’s with the weird quotation marks, someone else might ask? The short answer is…it’s a year off, but not really a year off. Got it? Good, so let’s move on.

Okay, even I’ll admit that statement’s a bit fuzzy. The long answer is that 2022 is a year off from conventions and book releases. Why? Well, let’s just say mental health reasons first and foremost. I’ve been playing a game of Depression Hopscotch since 2019, sometimes landing inside the boxes, sometimes landing outside. The reasons behind that are a blog post all their own that I may write someday or answer if respectfully prodded, but for now…let’s move on.

2022, however, is NOT a year off in the sense that I haven’t stopped working. Most of what I’ve been doing is close to a line-by-line rewrite of Book 8 to make it absolutely top notch, and I may consider changing my release schedule to bi-annually to give myself the time to further boost the quality of each release. We’ll see.

And lastly, a little story as this blog fades to black. My daughter (step-daughter if you want to be lame and technical about it) went off to camp this last weekend. My wife and her bio-dad each wrote her a batch of letters to open throughout the week, and I was inclined to do the same. But the day before she left, I woke up with a few strange ideas in my head about a goofy little story. By the time I rolled my broken body out of bed, I had it all a bit more fleshed out. I gave myself about two and a half hours to write that day, and came out with a funny, snappy little 4 or 5 page story I called THE FARTING PRINCESS.

No, really.

See? It's real!

So in a sense, I did release a new story this year…it just so happened to be for her, rather than everyone else. That said, it did turn out so good that I would LOVE to turn it into a children’s book someday. It’s a bit crude as you might’ve guessed--it’s your standard fairytale about a princess having to marry a prince from an evil kingdom...the twist being that this princess farts a lot and has potentially destructive bowel movements.

If that’s a story you’d like to see someday (weirdo!!!), be sure to let me know in the comments!

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