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The Return of the Blog

I've noticed I'm a bit overdue for a new blog, and it's about time to push that previous bummer of a blog down a notch. The reason I've been procrastinating on a new blog--apart from my deep love of procrastination--is that I've spent the last several months pounding away at wrapping up the Eyes of Odyssium series with Book Three. I haven't made a big splashy announcement of the title, but it is, in fact, carefully hidden on the last page of ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS. So, if you're at all curious (and want to buy a groovy book to boot), hop back to the 'BOOKS' page, click on your preferred retailer, and snag yourself a copy! Moving on from attempts at shoddy salesmanship, I've found myself in the odd and undeniably familiar afterglow of having completed the first draft of a book. I say 'odd' because that afterglow involves a period of weeks where I don't want to so much as look at the damn thing. There are always other areas of this whole author thing I do that needs attention, so I bumble around with that until I'm ready to come back to my poor, neglected first draft. Fortunately, the handful of functioning brain cells I'd tortured throughout the initial writing process are starting to regain some signs that they might be in working order, so it'll be self-editing time soon.


Anyway, I'm off. Till next time, take care!

- C

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