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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

As you may know, an ongoing project of mine (that I believe is nearly complete) is doing revisions on parts of my back catalogue of books. These aren't major for the most part--the main story of each is remaining intact, so those of you who already own the books aren't missing out. The main thrust of these revisions is to bring the older books up to my current standards of writing, sharpening up narrative prose and rewriting a good deal of the dialogue.

Earlier this week, the revised version of HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN, the debut title of the Eyes of Odyssium series, was released in eBook format on most platforms. HOUSE takes the series from a sort of contemporary action fantasy into dark fantasy territory, expanding on the supernatural elements introduced in THE 13th PARAGON duology and bringing them front and center.

I've always had a soft spot for HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN, as it was written under pressure in anticipation of the impending birth of my son, who is now 7 and a Godzilla nut. As such, I wrote HOUSE using a half-finished outline, which forced me to adopt a hybrid plotter/pantser style. Despite the pressure, the book turned out quite nicely, I think, introduced a lot of great new characters, and really opened up this new, darker avenue for main character Salla Saar to explore. Here's the new back cover blurb if you're so inclined to give it a try:

Something is killing Salla Saar. It started with minor blackouts, and now it is as though a force within is determined to break him apart from the inside out, leaving him wishing for everything to end. He suspects it has something to do with the Eyes of the One…but why has their power turned on him now?
His only hope lies in the hands of the Majdi Order. Once in their custody, however, it’s decided the power of the Eyes within him has made him too dangerous to walk free ever again.
That declaration granted him a sentence to the House of Falling Rain—a decrepit retraining facility for wayward Majdi. Yet among the misfits of the Order housed in these dark corridors, there is another presence lurking, something filled with a dark and terrible purpose.

If you haven't given HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN a read or the previous books in the series, THE 13th PARAGON: SCRAPPER, and THE 13th PARAGON: FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES, now is the time with these souped-up editions. The release date for the print version of HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN is still yet to be determined, but I'll post an update when it is.

Below are the buy links if you're so inclined to have your own private tour through the HOUSE and would rather not risk triggering carpal tunnel syndrome by clicking the menu button and then clicking again on the "BOOKS" tab. Amazon:

Barnes & Noble:

Apple Books:


Till next time, take care.


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