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The final installment of the Eyes of Odyssium series, THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN, has escaped into the world. I didn't necessarily give it the promotion I would have liked because A) life got in the way, and B) six books in, I'm still woefully inadequate when it comes to self-promotion, a fact that needs to get fixed or I need to find maybe a small, reputable, and hard-working publishing house to help out in that regard starting with the Tides of Odyssium series. We'll see. For now, however, I think it's best for my mental health to try to regain some of my creative spark and plod on to what's next in the pipeline. I'll still do some posts here and there about GIRL for sure, because it's a book I'm very proud of, but release days tend to have the opposite effect they should on my psyche due to the aforementioned shortcomings. But rather than sweep this release under the rug and talk about what's next, let's spend a little more time on GIRL, and why it could be a great pickup even if you've never read a book in the series to date. If you have read the series, you'll know this is the conclusion of Salla Saar's story (for now), and that, I hope, would be reason enough to buy a copy here and now. For first-timers, there's little reason to be daunted by the fact this is Book 3 when you haven't read Books 1 or 2. Here's my Top 3 reasons why: 1) THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN, like the two that preceded it, is a self-contained story. There are story elements that have flowed through the background of all the Odyssium books, but the mission that takes Salla and his team into a cloistered world apart from the one he's known absolutely takes center stage. 2) The plot elements that have defined and reshaped Salla as a character through his previous adventures are explained for newcomers. No child left behind, and all that. 3) THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN is just flat-out a strong book on its own that I hope might prod you to give the previous five books a try. On its own, however, GIRL is an emotional tale that treads close to dark fairytale territory. Also, it's absolutely RIFE with mysteries that, like the heads of a hydra, more mysteries rise up to take the place of those that have been solved. It's a page-turner, and as you can see in the back-cover blurb below, it's not all about tugging on heart-strings or playing an elaborate game of whodunit. There's a murderous supernatural horror on the loose, and in the end, no one is safe.

THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN An explorer savagely murdered. A journalist who vanished without a trace. A series of energy spikes from a seemingly uninhabited range in the heart of an active war zone. These are the breadcrumbs that lead Salla Saar and his spirit hunting Malisguard team to the hidden village of Storyvale. The source of the energy spikes appears to be a woman named Miryn Jal, a gentle sun chasing away the perpetual gloom that shadows the isolated hamlet. But in the presence of such light, there also lurks an undeniable darkness. Something haunts the surrounding woods, killing the Valers one after another in swift, grisly succession. As Salla tries desperately to reconcile the connection—if any—between these two powerful beings from opposite ends of the spectrum, he knows one thing for certain: she must be protected at all costs. If he loses her, all hope for the future vanishes with her.


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