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The Girl Who Got Delayed/The Mountain

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I wrote a blog last week, only to find that it was eerily similar to a blog I wrote back in September, called "Bring Me That Horizon," in which I updated you good folks about my progress on the Odyssium Collection: Volume 2, as well as a small bit of info and background on the upcoming Tides of Odyssium books. If you missed it (which you probably did, since I didn't share it on any platform that I recall), do check it out.

Instead of regurgitating that info again, let's talk about something else, starting with the recently-announced delay of THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN. I'll be honest, it was not fun making that decision. I've prided myself over the last five years on my ability to deliver a quality book, once per year like the big boys, while working a full-time job, raising kids, etc. I can't rapid release like some crazy indies out there, but what I do works for me creatively, and hopefully someday, financially. Pushing GIRL into 2021 all comes down to my reliance on a launching platform, which, at the moment, tends to be the first convention of the year. COVID wiped all those out for 2020, and there's no telling if they'll come back next year. So, I'm finding myself in need of a new way to launch, which means I have to get off my butt and learn how to effectively market online (while working overtime on top of full-time--thanks again, COVID--raising kids, etc.), all while also writing the next book. All goes well, you might see a different approach to how I do things next year.

Now, on to what I'm about to in starting this afternoon: staring at a blank page and getting those first words, paragraphs, and pages down.

It happens with every full novel I do. I liken it to standing at the foot of a mountain, wondering if I can climb it. Only difference is, this one's three or four times taller than any of the previous Odyssium books, considering I'm telling a longer, more contiguous story than I did in the Eyes trilogy. It's starkly different, too, particularly this first book. And lastly, the day job will go insane shortly, and I doubt I'll write anything for a good two months. All of this generates massive doubts as to whether I can pull it off, but those doubts too are there every time, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. And like every other time, I'll get a foothold and find my rhythm. It's just important to take that first step.

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