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Here we are, five years after the release of The 13th Paragon books (Scrapper released in February of 2015, From Ashes of Empires in August), the revised editions are out at last!

Somehow, in the midst of my usual writing/releasing schedule, I managed to squeeze in time to do heavy revisions on both books, and now you can dig into the fruits of that labor. Unsurprisingly, I used the same philosophy on the second part of the duology that I did the first: keep what wasn’t broken, fix what was. What that means is that the stories themselves are intact. Those who’ve read and enjoyed the original versions aren’t missing out on huge new sections. In fact, if you have those original versions, you own the original vision, including scenes that didn’t survive the revision process.

That’s kind of cool.

However, to me, the revised editions feel like whole new books. The fat’s been trimmed off, resulting in brisker pacing. Dialogue and the writing overall have been bumped up to meet my current standards, making the transition from these two early books into the more confident style beginning with House of Falling Rain less jarring. Also, ideas that were introduced but were half-formed at the time are more fully fleshed out.

So if you’ve been on the fence about trying out the series, the time is now. Buy THE 13th PARAGON Part I: SCRAPPER on Amazon Buy THE 13th PARAGON Part II: FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES on Amazon

Also available at Barnes & Noble and most other online retailers.

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