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Revisions, Decisions - aka The Long and Short of Why I Revised SCRAPPER

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Note: since I wrote about this at length in the updated Behind the Scenes section of Scrapper, I figured I might as well reprint it here rather than just re-explain it in different words. Plus, if you haven't read one of my books before, this can act as a little preview of the bonus goodies you get with each book. So, here it is:

I didn’t come to the decision to make changes to Scrapper lightly. It was my first published book, and though I had doubts here and there about its content, I never seriously considered George Lucas “Special Editioning” it.

Full disclosure: overall, I like the changes Lucas made to the original trilogy, but the Han/Jabba scene—even the 2000s “fixed up” version—doesn’t work, the beak in the Sarlaac pit has to go, and Han totally shot first, but I digress.

When it came time to create audiobooks of the series starting at its most logical point, however, it was time to pick which side of the fence I was going to stand on.

Considering I’m writing this, I think you can do the math on which side I chose. Next came the question as to what specifically was I going to do? The first hurdle was the first chapter…the “Croe” chapter. It was overly long and Croe was a plot device for the reader to meet the crew. Though I loved the idea in 2007/8 when I wrote it, in the long run, it had been the wrong decision. Total overhaul on that one.

Next came a LOT of trimming. I’ve learned to be a lot more concise in my work, slashing a lot of planned material before it even makes it from my fingers to my laptop. If it doesn’t serve the story being told—or tease a future plotline—it’s gone. Then there were updates to ideas that weren’t very fleshed out at the time, and the addition of a few new ones. Call it a retcon if you must.

In the end, these changes were made to give the series a much clearer and stronger starting point that wasn’t as bogged down by quite so much narrative/inner monologue mumbo jumbo. Not only that, but it helps me sell Scrapper at conventions and online with tons more confidence. I know they’re getting a great book rather than a book I like…but have mixed feelings about.

So, what the heck. I did “Special Edition” it, and I’m glad I did.

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