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Pre-Production on Tides #2 is COMPLETE, yo.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

"Pre-production." Yeah, I's me dropping a film term while you know damn well I'm talking about books and not the movie trilogy I'm writing (which I'm NOT). Anyway, if you nosed through the site and read my last Od-Blog that's so vague I called it Vagueblogging and didn't even share it to you groovy people, you probably have guessed what I mean by pre-production when it comes to books. If not, you can probably hazard a guess and nail it in one try. I call pre-production the conceptualizing and outlining process of writing a book--basically, hammering out the story from beginning to end.

What that means is...I'm about a week away from staring at the blank page of Chapter 1, Page 1. Scary for some, but never too bad for me. I've got an outline, it's pretty good, full of action and brings a lot of new elements and characters to the table, and what I currently have will only get better. I push through the manuscript, parts of the outline go bye-bye and better stuff takes its place. More often than not, I stop even glancing at the outline by either the midway point or two-thirds of the way through. That's how it always works, and that's my process.

I know this time period is asking a bit of patience from anyone waiting on these books or future books more linked to Salla Saar, as well as from those who might read this going, "what the hell is he talking about with Book 2? There isn't even a Book 1, is there?"

So, let me reiterate what I'm going for here. I plan on querying these out to agents and/or the right small publishing houses. Will it work? Who knows? A lot will dump my query into the bin just because Book 1 is dependent on Books 2 and 3 for the complete story resolution. If they all dump it, I'll publish them myself. With that in mind, no worries, they'll see the light of day...eventually. And while I'm querying those out, I'll be back to work on more Salla stories before I take a lighter to the fuse hanging from the bottom of the Odyssium universe and blow the whole shiggan thing up.

No, seriously. If the series gets enough support for me to get there one day, you'll see it happen...and it'll be cool. Just you wait.

Till next time, take care.

- C

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