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Post-Baby Book Banter

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Just in case you haven’t been following me on my official Facebook page, C.A. Bryers Books, you may not know how the battle turned out in my last blog, BOOK FOUR vs THE BABY. Would I get the first draft of Book Four done before the baby arrived? Would it turn out any good, having been rushed so hard? Will Episode VII live up to all the expectations and hype?

Well, I can’t answer the last question just yet (I’ll let you know after the 20th of December when work allows me to squeeze in a couple hours to see it), but the other two, I can tell you right here. Yes, the first draft of Book Four squeaked in under the wire. Okay, “under the wire” is being a little dramatic, since I was regularly kicking out 3,500 words in a day as the due date closed in. Turns out I wound up making it with time to spare since the little dude took a few extra days loitering around like a bum inside his mother’s apparently super-comfortable womb. And let me tell you, am I thankful I got it done before he arrived. As I write this a little over a month since his birth, I’m wrapping up a week’s vacation time spent largely at home with few excursions out. I had a list of book related things to do: compile my findings for some small revisions to THE 13th PARAGON books, do a thorough re-read/self-edit of THE HOLLOW-HEARTED novella, and finish up work on a promotional statue that will be on display at future convention appearances. Guess how many of those things got done during this whole week off? ONE! The revision stuff should be set to go, but everything else? NOPE!

So onto the remaining question I asked that went thus far unanswered: will Book Four be any good, considering the pressure I put on myself to finish in a 3-month window comprised of little more than bits of spare time left throughout each day? Naturally, I haven’t had a chance to re-read it, but I do feel good about it. As it should, it feels like a new direction for Salla Saar as we launch into his own little sub-series, Eyes of Odyssium. It ties up loose ends left from the PARAGON books, further builds the world of Odyssium and by the end of it, every reader should have a good idea of what’s in store down the line in this ongoing series. So when opportunity permits (January, I’m hoping), I’m really eager to start the process that will bring it closer to release—which, if all goes well, will be sometime in 2016. And in the meantime I’ve got ideas for Book Five starting to percolate nicely, which will turn out to be Eyes of Odyssium #2.

Take care and as always, if you have any questions/comments, please do shoot them at me either through or any of my social media pages!

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