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In Darkness & Light COVER REVEAL

It’s that time again, isn’t it? With IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT looming on the horizon and the package prepped and ready to go, it’s time to talk about something different this time. We’ve already talked about the delectable goodies contained within IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT (link to details blog), so now let’s turn our attention to the first thing your eyeballs will try to wrap themselves around as far is this collection is concerned.

Returning for another go-round behind the artist’s table is your master of the Daily Zen, Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio ( https://willman1701.deviantart.com/ - careful kiddies, there may or may not be some NSFW stuff on there, but that's just how the man rolls). As usual, our roles remained unchanged: I come up with a concept, and Dennis executes it. This time it was a unique situation, being several stories tucked into one distinct package, so it required a different approach and therefore it became more complex.

As you can see, most of the stories within IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT are represented in one wedge or another on the cover. The idea was to release the collection as a whole and follow it shortly thereafter by single digital offerings of each story, each using a variation on their section of the cover art. I don’t have a wide release date set for the collection, BUT!!! - print copies will be available for the first time at MSP ComiCon 2018 at the Grandstand in the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN on May 19th and 20th for you early birds who want to get in on the goods before everyone else.

I’m really excited to get this one out there, as it takes a different spin on the whole Odyssium thing by looking into the past, present, and future of the timeline. I hope you enjoyed seeing the new cover—I know I love it—and I hope you’ll save a spot on your bookshelf for a copy of my newest baby.

Till next time, take care!


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