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So, a funny thing happened the other day. As I was converting old cassette audiobooks to digital, I found something from deep in not just my writing past...but the Odyssium series' past. See, long ago I narrated audiobooks that I wanted to listen to that were otherwise unavailable. Being a gargantuan Iron Maiden fan, I narrated a couple of singer Bruce Dickinson's delightfully pervy (and probably completely unacceptable by today's standards) Lord Iffy Boatrace books. Now, I'm not a professional narrator, and I hate the sound of my own voice. These were just for my personal use, never intended to share them with anyone or put them online, and I still absolutely do not.

Anyway, back to the point. Among those other cassettes, I found a recording I had done of the first ever attempt at what would become an Odyssium book. Its long-winded title was Ocean Lord: The Tides that Brought Twilight, and is...surprise, surprise, my first crack at the story I'm attempting to tell NOW in the new Tides of Odyssium series. So, let's just say the timing is fortuitous. However, the road to this good fortune is quite likely paved with the sort of pain doled out by a certain prickly-faced pale ghoul from another author's fantastical hellscape:

I say this because, considering I spent many laborious hours bringing my older books up to speed with the Odyssium Revision Project, going even further back than that is likely to induce a cringe or two. I think it'll be a fun listen as well. I've forgotten a lot about what was in that book, so it'll be interesting to reexperience and rediscover the beginnings of what my original plan was over the audiobook's 19+ hour duration. Hang out with Arjay a little, along with the rough forms of the main characters of the new Tides series, and while I'm there, check out some demothis before I even thought to call them demothis.

Wait...cassettes are coming back? WHY???

In the here and now, however, I've got a week off. In between doctor's appointments, hopefully uploading the last two revisions to all major retailers, and (time permitting) knocking out an Iron Maiden Eddie sculpture for funsies, I'm also looking to write an additional 100 pages on the new manuscript by the time vacation's over. It's preposterous to think it's possible with so much to do, but wish me luck anyway!

Till next time, take care. -C

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