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I Have How Many More of These to Write?!?!

On June 14th, 2021, I wrapped up the first draft of the as-yet untitled first book of the Tides of Odyssium series. It was a strange feeling this time. For whatever reason, it didn’t feel much different from say, finishing a good chapter. But, since this is only Book 1 out of three or four, then maybe that’s all I was supposed to feel. The story’s certainly not done, even if it did have a fairly solid climax…so that’s probably it. It was indeed the feeling of finishing off another chapter, considering I have many, many left to go.

In the end, the manuscript is sitting at a hefty (for me) 413 pages and 108,000 words, give or take. It’ll take some work to fine tune it, make the early adjustments to story elements that changed partway through, that sort of thing. But overall I’m happy with it, especially that it’s so different yet still fits in the framework of the series. That, and it doesn’t seem to suffer from “Part 1 of a trilogy syndrome,” in that it’s all setup and too light on the action and plot momentum. There’s a surprising amount of action, actually.

Book 2 will be interesting, since I only have a general idea of what happens in it due to the story flying off the rails halfway through this one. But that keeps things interesting, even if it sounds like I’m taking the Disney approach to making a Star Wars trilogy. However, on the plus side of a year of lockdown that included the delay of THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN, I have a much larger window between releases, since I also have Odyssium Collection Volume 2 mostly ready to go for 2022. Since this book will likely see release in 2023, any adjustments I need to make on this one while Book 2 takes shape, I’ll have time to do that.

Anyway, happy to have a solid draft of Book 8 in the series done. That’s the hard part. Now, back to more work. I have some lyrics to write for a friend’s project, some re-reads and possible revisions on Collection 2 novellas, and maybe a kayak trip to make.

Till next time, take care,



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