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Hold Onto Your Butts

It's been seemingly quiet since the release of ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS, with scant few updates on social media as to what I've been doing with the copious amounts of free time I've had since then (read that with an appropriate level of sarcasm, please). I know it's a select few who care much about updates when it comes to authors...and even fewer when it comes to updates from indies like me. I suppose that's part of where the "writing is the loneliest profession" stance comes from. People are always excited when it comes to what actors, athletes, filmmakers, etc. are working on, but with writers, it's a bit different. We tend to drop off of people's radars until we remind them of our existence with a new release that we manage to pull out of the ether (or our butts, you decide) once every year. It's the nature of the job, I suppose. However, blogging is a writing exercise for me and by putting updates out there it helps keep me on task. I (foolishly) imagine someone out there has this ludicrous chart with all the goofy updates on the progress of this and the outlandish plans I have for that covering a wall in their basement, and man, is that dude/dame/whatever just waiting to pounce when I inevitably slip up...which I'm sure I have already any number of times. So after much blathering, here's the update. The status of Eyes of Odyssium #3? I STILL haven't touched the first draft yet...and yet, I've been editing. But if I'm not editing Eyes #3, my curious mythological blog reader might ask, what am I editing?

SECRETS, that's what.

Yes, I'm working on a secret project, one that I should be ready to talk about within the next month. I'd better be ready, because I'm dead set on rolling it out in time for my back-to-back conventions in early October! I won't say it's a MAJOR release--it's not the long talked-about "Novella 2018" project I wrote in...I forget which year. It's obviously not Eyes #3. But it's important to me and important, I believe, to the future of the series.

I'll get back to you in a month and let you know if I made my deadline, as it's in the hands of the cover art gods at the moment. Till then, take care!

- C

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