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So, let’s get right to it. I won’t bother complaining about how 2020 affected me. Some setbacks, but small potatoes compared to MANY out there. One major setback was the delay of THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN, making it the first year in my streak of publishing where there were no (entirely) new releases. Right now, the vast majority of my humble sales numbers come from conventions. However, with all my regular conventions cancelled for a solid year, it made zero sense to release GIRL in 2020.

2021 is a bit of a different story. I have what I hope will be a big convention in September (and fingers crossed for another in October), and that means my GIRL is finally coming out. In preparation of that, I’ve gone over my files and made a few tweaks to sharpen things up even further than I normally might have the chance to. Let me tell you, having almost a year’s distance between this final polish and the last time I looked at it is a world of difference. Normally, writers don’t have that luxury. Get it as good as you can in the timeframe available, release, and repeat. There's a saying that goes, "art doesn't get released. It escapes." This is true, because if you're even remotely a perfectionist with your art like me and you've worked and reworked it until you were 1,000% satisfied with it, it would never come out.

I’m happy (or sad, actually) to say that, just as it did when I first wrote it, GIRL’s climax hit me hard once again. That’s a good sign. In short, I feel like THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN is a really, really good book, made all the better with this last bit of polish. I couldn’t imagine a better finale to the Eyes of Odyssium trilogy.

In closing, THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN is releasing…ridiculously soon. Below is the back cover blurb, and worry not about it being Book 3 of a series if you're a first-timer. The Eyes of Odyssium books are partially standalone books, so each is written to ease newcomers into the story and the world, and GIRL is no exception. If the blurb hooks you even a little bit, don’t hesitate to nab your copy on Amazon or contact me for a signed (or unsigned) paperback if you’re so inclined to go that avenue.

Thanks for reading, and in closing, here’s what GIRL is all about:

An explorer savagely murdered. A journalist who vanished without a trace. A series of energy spikes from a seemingly uninhabited range in the heart of an active war zone. These are the breadcrumbs that lead Salla Saar and his spirit hunting Malisguard team to the hidden village of Storyvale. The source of the energy spikes appears to be a woman named Miryn Jal, a gentle sun chasing away the perpetual gloom that shadows the isolated hamlet. But in the presence of such light, there also lurks an undeniable darkness. Something haunts the surrounding woods, killing the Valers one after another in swift, grisly succession. As Salla tries desperately to reconcile the connection—if any—between these two powerful beings from opposite ends of the spectrum, he knows one thing for certain: she must be protected at all costs. If he loses her, all hope for the future vanishes with her.
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