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Getting Ahead of Myself...Again.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

As mentioned in my last post, I've been writing something new as a means of rebooting my brain a little bit after editing various works of mine for, well...almost a year straight. I don't hate editing as much as I used to, since I know I'm doing it to put the best possible story from my brain into your hands. It's not super-fun, I'll admit, and there are definitely times when I'm so sick to death of re-reading the same stuff over and over to the point I want to run headfirst into a wall.'s all for the greater good.

...unless you hate my books. Then it's for the greater evil.

Working on this story now takes me back to 2018 when I was writing a pair of stories I knew wouldn't get released until years down the road. Just like those novellas one day found a home in this year's Odyssium Collection Volume 2, what I'm writing will find a home years from now in the as-yet untitled (of course) Odyssium Collection Volume 3.

The background of the story of it is this: in pre-pandemic 2019, I had a brief conversation with a local comic creator at a convention about an old idea I had to get some crossover appeal by making a one-shot Odyssium comic to sell at conventions. The idea was batted about in regards to working together, time permitting in our schedules. I drew up a quick 'n dirty outline for a story, shot it off and got some pretty remarkable sketches back.

In the end, though, the project fell off the radar fairly quickly. I'd done something similar in the past with another abortive comic project by turning it into the short story, MY NAME WAS SOLORINE, so it made sense to do the same here. Being that we'd last written to each other about the project in 2019, it occurred to me to dust off the outline at the same time I felt like writing something new. In short, the two things coincided. I found I still liked the bare-bones outline and figured, why not?

So, here's where we get to the nitty-gritty, so far as what I feel like sharing. It has a working title of INDECENT PROPOSAL and stars neither Woody Harrelson or Demi Moore. Suffice it to say...the title will most definitely change. I finished the first draft of it last week, which wound up being a little over 20K words, landing us safely in novella territory. As always, it was a thrill to watch it take on new shapes and forms as it veered from my original vision into something new and better.

As for what it's about...well, only one other person has my rough outline, so only they know the gist of it. But after leaving Salla and co. behind for a couple of years to work on Tides of Odyssium #1, let's just say it's nice to be back in familiar waters...on a familiar ship...with some familiar faces.

Till next time, take care.


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