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Forthcoming Collection Reveal!

With a tentative release window of September 2017, I’m hoping to release IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT, which is just the beginning of what will become a series of Odyssium Collections. This exciting anthology features a collection of stories set in the past, present, and future of the established Odyssium timeline, and comes packed with bonus material as well. Once again, the incredible Dennis Willman of IRON DEAD STUDIO will provide the cover art for what promises to be an absolute feast for the eyes.

Included in the collection will be:


The centerpiece of this collection, the novella A SONG OF SILENCE acts as a brief but fascinating interlude as we continue the journeys of Salla Saar in Book 2 of the Eyes of Odyssium series.


THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE is a companion novella to A SONG OF SILENCE that tells the other side of that particular story. But if you’re thinking it’s simply the same tale told through someone else’s eyes, think again. While A SONG OF SILENCE is thoughtful and emotional, THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE is action-packed, fast-paced, and visceral.


Previously available in digital format and in a limited edition paperback sold only at conventions, THE HOLLOW-HEARTED joins this collection for its official print release. THE HOLLOW-HEARTED is a spinoff novella that sheds more light on Natke Orino and her first major break in the field of exploration as she and her team uncover the truth about an assassin known as Cary the Hollow-Hearted.


In THE 13TH PARAGON books, Croe Kidson unknowingly joined a scrapping vessel, and was later forcibly recruited by the Gargazant Ikahn military syndicate. Join me in continuing Croe’s bizarre misadventures in this brand-new novella which launches an off-kilter new series aptly titled Strange Days of Odyssium.


In what is surely to be the most controversial addition to the collection, step ahead into the future of the Odyssium timeline in this mysterious short story, MY NAME WAS SOLORINE.

As mentioned above, IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT comes jam-packed with bonus material. First up is a brand-new bonus chapter called A WOMAN SCORNED that sheds a little more light on the events that took place at Tempusalist in THE 13TH PARAGON Part II: FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES. Then we have THE SCRAPPED CHAPTERS, which includes a deleted scene from THE 13TH PARAGON Part I: SCRAPPER. And on top of that, I’ve included over 40 pages of Behind the Scenes commentary that delves into each story, which has become a staple of the Odyssium series.

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