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COVER REVEAL: The Girl Who Stole the Sun

Yes, another blog! Hey, I can’t believe it either.

With a small bit of inventory of the revised edition of FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES currently en route, it’s time to turn our attention to the other matter at hand. That matter is the impending release of the final chapter in the Eyes of Odyssium trilogy, THE GIRL WHO STOLE THE SUN. I don’t have a concrete date set for its launch, namely because I’d like to have something of a plan this time, rather than just having copies ready before I do my big spring convention. With no spring convention (or ANY convention this year), figuring out the right way to properly release the book has been a bit of a head-scratcher.

While I’m busy scratching my head and sorting things out, what I can do is this: reveal to you the absolutely sublime cover art:

As always, the artwork is provided by the obscenely talented Dennis Willman of Irondead Studio. I’ll be honest, I liked my concept for the cover—the image of the titular girl sleeping on a forest floor while almost threatened by crooked, bare branches high overhead—but I wasn’t elated. It was good enough, I thought. Then Dennis delivered the final art, and that simple concept is now one of my favorite pieces.

So, enjoy. This cover reveal brings us one step closer to the final release, and hope you’ll celebrate it by picking up a copy. Until then, take good care.


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