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COVER REVEAL - Isle of the Sleeping Gods


One of the best things about being an author or any kind of creative type when, in the end, you get to hold a physical product in your hand. I know we’re one foot into the digital age, but there are still holdouts like me that really like tangible evidence of your work. The work that went into ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS was similar to each of my novels, which usually involves well over a year of life that spans everything from conceptualizing, outlining, writing, editing, formatting, etc.

We’re not quite at the finish line yet since I don’t have that physical book in my hands yet, but when the cover artwork gets delivered, there are tingles to be had for sure. Even on the early drafts I saw, I knew the artwork was going to be something special. This is no slight on any of the previous covers—all of which I think are incredible pieces of work, but I think ISLE’s smokes them all. From my crappy sketch to the final draft, artist extraordinaire Dennis Willman has outdone himself on this one.

In closing, here’s the back cover verbal sputtering that goes along with the image, and might give you an idea of what ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS is all about.

He took down the 13th Paragon. He escaped the House of Falling Rain and the predatory spirit lurking within its shadowy halls. Now, Salla Saar is the only man in the Majdi Order capable of learning the truth behind the chilling silence coming out of the quarantined isle of Ceynallus.

The Order told him it would be a simple mission. They were wrong. It was no ordinary disease that shut down the borders of the island, but a viral pandemic that transformed its populace into ravening, desiccated hordes. With only the aid of a small pocket of survivors, Salla must discover the ancient roots of this unnatural plague, and either contain or destroy it.

Should he fail, the future holds only one certainty: a barren world dominated by the vicious throngs that have overtaken Ceynallus…a place that long ago had been known as the Isle of the Sleeping Gods.
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