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WHAT LIES BETWEEN is a special book for me, in that it contains what I feel is some of my best work when it comes to shorter fiction. Because of that, it instilled in me a bit of dread that the cover concept I'd delivered to the magnificent Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio was...a bit weak.

Let's back up a bit. Since shifting from annual releases to releasing every other year (or 2 1/2, in this case), it naturally gave me more time to sit with a lot of decisions I made when it comes to the making of these books, whether that's the contents of the book itself or the cover design. It was well over a year ago when I'd settled upon the above concept and sent my terrible sketch of it off to Dennis. While he was working on it, I was mired in all manner of Odyssium projects (this book, Tides #1 and #2, revisions for HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN and IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT). Somehow, I still had the time to mentally waffle back and forth about the quality of said concept.

I liked it, but didn't love it.

When the day was approaching that I was going to get a preview of the art, I was understandably anxious about it. When I did get it, however, I was blown away like I had been every other cover art delivery date. He'd taken my so-so concept and made yet another visually striking piece of art worthy to be blown up to poster size--nay, BILLBOARD size. So, the part of the concept I did like was the idea to incorporate the theme of the title I'd arrived at, that these are the stories that "lie between" the larger stories I've written. Why I opted for HOUSE and ISLE I may never know (well, KNOCK-KNOCK happens between those two books, though none of the others do), but it works.

The segments of the stone pillar represent some of the stories contained within. The watery orb on top for ORPHAN SEA, the underrace character for I BEGIN, the bearded old man for KNOCK-KNOCK, and...I believe the dude at the bottom was for EVIDENCE OF MADNESS. It's been awhile.

I ask myself that often these days...when I remember to, at least.

In short, let's call this cover a case where artistic license by the cover artist propelled an...okay concept into something quite incredible.

WHAT LIES BETWEEN: Odyssium Collection Volume 2 has no firm release date, but the month of March (in other words, THIS MONTH!) is looking quite likely.

I'll keep you posted (so long as social media algorithms allow you to see it). To be safe, you can visit my social media accounts directly on Facebook, Instagram, and The App Formerly Known As Twitter, or right here at to make sure you don't miss it.

Till then, take care


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