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2017 is shaping up to be an exciting (and busy!) year as far as the world of Odyssium is concerned. Things have been quiet around here for a little while, but that's about to change. First things first, we've got a new release on the horizon. The reign of THE 13th PARAGON is over. We're about to step into the next Odyssium series, and that series--as you may have heard--is called Eyes of Odyssium. This will be the series that continues the exploits and misadventures of Salla Saar, and the first book, HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN, is due to arrive before the snow thaws here in the frosty north.

HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN is a departure for the series, but a necessary step toward a new direction in Salla's life. Work has already begun on the next book in the series--ODYSSIUM COLLECTION: VOLUME ONE. This anthology will collect a variety of stories from the world of Odyssium, ranging from the PARAGON era--THE HOLLOW-HEARTED will have its official print release here, and will join the digital release as well--to a story decades into the future that will give a brief glimpse into where the series is heading. Apart from THE HOLLOW-HEARTED, two other novellas have been completed, as well as a "bonus chapter." This week, work will begin on the first of the  2-3 other stories that will find their way into this collection.

The goal is for the collection to release before the 2017 fall convention season, but I'm also aware that that goal might be a wee bit too lofty. A lot can happen by the time summer winds down, and there are plenty of roadblocks that can stall a project. If it releases by the end of the year, I think I'd still be happy. But hey, let's go for the proverbial gusto, shall we?

I'll be updating the site and this blog much more frequently this year as HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN releases and as the ODYSSIUM COLLECTION progresses.

Until next time!

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