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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I’ve been working hard on the first Tides of Odyssium book, and I find myself forgetting that this is the story I’ve been trying to tell since about 2002. Here and there I’ve mentioned in the past that the actual first Odyssium book was completed oh…maybe 2005 or 2006. Then I spent a couple years rewriting it, working on the sequel, and finally abandoning all of it in favor of shifting toward a smaller, standalone story. That shift, of course, was writing a spinoff book for a character that would have appeared in the aforementioned scrapped sequel, a character named Salla Saar.

The reason I’m forgetting that the story I’m writing is essentially that old story is because, apart from a few character names, this book in no way resembles that long-forgotten first attempt at Odyssium. Sure, there’ll be elements of the larger arc I’d planned way back when showing up, but by and large, Tides of Odyssium is all-new. I’m thankful for that and thankful that this, my eighth(!!!) book to eventually be published, is proof positive that the well of ideas still runs pretty dang deep.

At this point, I’m just about to start Chapter 15. I’m 150 pages in and 40,000 words deep (with a ballpark goal of my usual 90,000+). It’s a bold shift from the norm that, because it’s set in a region that isn’t part of the technologically repressed Odyssan Archipelago, it veers at times close to sci-fi territory. Still, in its DNA, it’s undeniably an Odyssium book, just not the kind of Odyssium book you or even I might have expected. Hope you look forward to it.

Take care, because as we've seen, 2021 is already shaping up to be a doozy.


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