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A New Start...Part Deux

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Welcome to the overhauled look of the new C.A. Bryers website! I've just wrapped on designing it, and I gotta hand it to Wix for making a site setup so easy even a computer illiterate dolt like me could figure it out. I just imported the last of the Od-Blogs and made a few changes, but for the most part everything's as it was when I first published them.

Going back, you might notice some weird numbering issues, like references to ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS being Book 3 of Eyes of Odyssium when it is, in fact, Book 2. The reason for this is down to a decision I made late in the game when it came to the Collection, IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT. The lead-off story of that book, A SONG OF SILENCE was intended to be Book 2, but I altered it to being an unnumbered interlude novella instead.

But yes...yes. I've noticed too it's been a while since my last Od-Blog. Truth is, I wrote a few about this or that, but never bothered publishing them for one reason or another. Most of what I've been doing since the evil winter hit (and has been giving us a good pounding to boot) is doing final prep work on ISLE, breaking a rib, approving pro edits, waiting on final cover art, and convalescing. Oh, and I've also been able to squeeze in time to radically update the FAQ and really dive into plotting out Eyes of Odyssium #3, which will see the end of the first phase of Salla's Eyes of Odyssium series.

What comes after that? Stay tuned!

- C

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