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2019. Yeah, it Happened.

It’s been a bit of a quiet year on the social media front from me. I suppose that’s because I might’ve felt like I didn’t really have a lot to say. Given that, my inner introvert didn’t take a whole lot of convincing to embrace the idea of staying in a bit of a cocoon, rearing up mostly just to post a meme or two that made me giggle. That said, I haven't been sitting on my hiney hibernating since the Spring release of ISLE OF THE SLEEPING GODS (even though that does sound amazing).

My drafts of Eyes of Odyssium #3 are complete, and it’s off to the beta reader before heading into the shop for professional edits. Also, as I hope you noticed, I did a revision of the first book of the series, SCRAPPER. Considering that’s my ebook freebie on Amazon and elsewhere, it’s heartening to see sales trickling in on the subsequent books that weren’t really coming in as frequently before. I attribute that to a now-stronger first book, and I thank those of you who’ve given it a chance either in its new or previous form.

2020 will be interesting, I think. I’m curious to see how writing will go, since the day job has changed a bit and no longer really allows me to brainstorm while I work. Because of that, most of the as-yet unwritten stories to be included in the forthcoming Odyssium Collection Volume 2 are still in a pretty gooey larval stage, concept-wise. I plan on changing that in the coming weeks so I can hold onto my yearly release schedule. Fingers crossed on that.

There are other ideas I’m tinkering with. One is possibly starting a YouTube channel to do book readings—only a preview chapter here and there, not the whole shebang—and maybe fielding some Q&A segments if some good questions roll in. I dunno. What do you think? Anything else you’d like to see?

Till next time, have a Happy New Year, and take care.

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