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The first thing I want to stress is how incredibly well-written [SCRAPPER] is. This book is as beautifully crafted as any fantasy I've read, and it's worth noting first. I didn't have the moments I often do while reading random fantasy or science fiction books I get on a whim. Those moments where I'm furrowing my brows and going back to read a page over again because the author failed to anchor me in the scene with the characters. This didn't happen to me while reading Bryers' work. Not once. I felt like I was there in the middle of everything, and that is a skill I believe can't be taught to a writer. Either you have it or you don't.

            --Taylor Saville, Author of JAGGED MIND

I hate when a book is so good that I HAVE to buy the next in the series! This was the kind of book that you HAVE to make yourself put down, so that you don't binge read it all in one session!

           --Barnes & Noble reader review of SCRAPPER

The author takes you to such places that stir the imagination with its mystical creatures and locations that his descriptiveness pulls you into the pages of the book as if you were standing in the scene with his characters.

--Amazon reader review of FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES

                                                                                 A captivating read from page 1...I need more!

                                                                                                  --Amazon reader review of HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN

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